Screws, Bolts, and Threaded Rod
Screws & Bolts
Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod
Glass Filled Isoplast Flange Nuts
Glass Filled Isoplast Flange Nuts
Washers, Shoulder Washers, Screw Insulators, and Spacers
Washers, Shoulder Washers, Screw Insulators, & Spacers
Clear Binding Post & Screws
Clear Binding Post & Screws
Bumpers & Rubber Feet
Bumpers & Rubber Feet
Quick Binding Hardware
Quick Binding Hardware
Circuit Board Hardware
Circuit Board Hardware
Hose Clamps and Installation Tools
Hose Clamps & Installation Tools
Panel Fasteners and Hole Plugs
Panel Fasteners & Hole Plugs
Press-Loc Thumb Screw Knobs
Press-Loc Thumb Screw Knobs
Wire Handling Hardware and Accessories
Wire Handling Hardware & Accessories
Wiring Accessories and Cable Ties
Wiring Accessories & Cable Ties
X-Mas Tree Clips, Plugs, Bushings
X-Mas Tree Clips, Plugs, & Bushings
Isoplast Hex Head Cap Screws
Isoplast Hex Head Cap Screws

Plastic Fasteners and Plastic Components

Plastic Fasteners /
Plastic Components

We provide all types of fasteners from standard items such as Plastic Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washers, Spacers, Threaded Rod, Plastic Industrial Balls to intricate parts per print.

Plastic Materials - Nylon, PVC, Acetal, Polycarbonate


Our plastic and nylon fasteners are made of non-metallic materials including acetal, polycarbonate, PVC and polypropylene.

Custom metal machined fasteners

Metal Machined

From prototypes to production we machine all kinds of metal fasteners to metal stud fasteners to non-threaded metal fasteners.


E & T Fasteners offers a complete line of engineered molded plastic fasteners and machined metal fasteners.

We take pride in offering exceptional service, remarkable pricing, and lead times that can't be beat. Our staff has extensive experience in the plastic fastener and component industry. Need technical assistance? We can help. We're committed to being on the cutting edge of what's new in the industry so you'll never deal with an inexperienced clerk.

With networked fastener operations in on both the east and west coast of the United States, we're there when you need us regardless of where you placed your plastic fastener or plastic component order ‐ in the United States, Canada, or internationally.


E & T can machine precision custom plastics fasteners and metal components to your specifications. Don't have a drawing? In most cases we can create a drawing from your sample. Every person on our engineering staff is committed to delivering you with the highest quality metal or plastic fastener and component product in record time.

Plastic and Metal Fasteners / Components include: Plastic Screws - Bolts - Nuts - Washers- Threaded Rod - Plastic Push In Fasteners - Plastic Balls Industrial - Seals - Bushings - Spacers - Plastic Post & Screws, Hole-plugs.


Eastern US Sales/ Operations

41 Odell School Road Unit A

Concord, NC 28027

Toll-free: (800) 650-4707

Fax: (704) 933-5775

Western US Sales/ Operations

E&T Fasteners Inc.

2395 Ogulin Canyon Rd. Unit H

Clearlake, CA 95422

Toll-free: (800) 732-0530

Fax: (707) 995-2994

International Sales / Operations

Phone: 1 (704) 933-5774
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