Washers, Shoulder Washers, Screw Insulators, & Spacers

Strategically situated on the east and west coasts of the United States (in Davidson, North Carolina and Lower Lake, California), E & T Fasteners is an acknowledged force in the design, production, sales and delivery of molded plastic fasteners and machined metal fasteners, including plastic washers, shoulder washers, screw insulators and spacers. Glass Filled Isoplast Flange Nuts

E & T Fasteners manufactures and stocks many types of washers and shoulder washers in metric and standard sizes, including:

In addition, E & T Fasteners carries an extensive line of metric and standard screw insulators and spacers, such as:


E & T Fasteners offers washers, shoulder washers, screw insulators, spacers and standoffs in a virtually limitless variety of materials; for a full list of materials, click here.

There are many advantages to purchasing washers, shoulder washers, screw insulators spacers and standoffs (in standard and metric sizes) from E & T Fasteners:

  • Tapped nylon spacers can be used as low cost insulators for many electrical and electronic applications; special sizes can be custom manufactured from E & T Fasteners’ extensive untapped spacer inventory (in stock)
  • Besides being used as insulators, standard nylon spacers can also be utilized as rollers, bushings, bearings and glides, with special sizes and lengths available for a modest tooling charge. Standard spacers are also available in Acetal and Resin Celanese Celcon M270 UL 94HB
  • Along with an extensive inventory of nylon standard flat washers, E & T Fasteners can also manufacture custom flat washers per customers’ specifications for a nominal tooling/engineering charge, with sizes up to 3” OD (outer diameter) and 1/32” minimum thickness.
  • Nylon shoulder washers are commonly used to isolate and insulate screws from mounting surfaces (in printed circuit board mounting, electrical and electronic applications). Nylon shoulder washers can also be used to reduce vibration; in mechanical applications where strength and corrosion resistance are important; can also be used as a seal in some applications.
  • Nylon screw insulators available from E & T Fasteners are used to reduce corrosion and electrically isolate metal screws; screw insulator can also be utilized as light load bearings in numerous applications. Custom nylon screw insulators and special nylon screw insulators can be produced for a modest tooling charge.
  • Nylon retaining washers have a specially configured inner diameter (ID), which grips the outside of the screw shank; this is used in applications requiring the screw and washer to be preassembled. Another benefit is reduced assembly cost. Custom sizes are available.
  • Nylon finishing washers, available in natural nylon or black nylon, are used to cover misaligned holes and protect cabinets from scratching; also utilized as spacers, bumpers, glides, and equipment fee.
  • Nylon cup washers protect and insulate a metal screw head from electrical contact/shorting.
  • Coved spacers are designed to attach parts to curved contours, tubes and rods.

As noted above, E & T Fasteners has an extensive inventory of washers, shoulder washers, screw insulators, spacers and standoffs. In addition, the experienced team at E & T Fasteners can assist you with your custom requirements, no matter how small or large the quantities needed. Let the knowledgeable technical staff at E & T Fasteners assist you with all your washers, shoulder washers, screw insulators, spacers and standoffs needs!

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