Tapped Nylon Spacers

Tapped Nylon Spacers

Molded from Type 6/6 Nylon and then machine tapped, these spacers are low cost insulators that can be used in many electrical applications. Special sizes can be made to order from our large untapped spacer inventory.

Note: on threaded spacers 3/4" and longer, the tap is 3/8" from each end and not continuous through.

Tapped Nylon Spacers Dimensions

*Note these items are available in Metric Threads
4-40* Available in M3 Thread
6-32** Available in M3.5 Thread
8-32*** Available in M4 Thread
10-32**** Available in M5 Thread

To order metric threads, simply add an M to the Part Number
Example: for 6-32 Thread -- 15MTSP006 for M3.5 Thread

May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Tapped Nylon Spacers Variations

TSP 10.250.254-40*Request Quote
TSP 20.250.3754-40*Request Quote
TSP 30.250.54-40*Request Quote
TSP 40.250.754-40*Request Quote
TSP 50.2514-40*Request Quote
TSP 60.250.256-32**Request Quote
TSP 70.250.3756-32**Request Quote
TSP 80.250.56-32**Request Quote
TSP 90.250.756-32**Request Quote
TSP 100.2516-32**Request Quote
TSP 110.250.258-32***Request Quote
TSP 120.250.3758-32***Request Quote
TSP 130.250.58-32***Request Quote
TSP 140.250.758-32***Request Quote
TSP 150.2518-32***Request Quote
TSP 160.31250.258-32***Request Quote
TSP 170.31250.3758-32***Request Quote
TSP 180.31250.58-32***Request Quote
TSP 190.31250.758-32***Request Quote
TSP 200.312518-32***Request Quote
TSP 210.3750.2510-32****Request Quote
TSP 220.3750.37510-32****Request Quote
TSP 230.3750.510-32****Request Quote
TSP 240.3750.7510-32****Request Quote
TSP 250.375110-32****Request Quote
TSP 260.50.2510-32****Request Quote
TSP 270.50.37510-32****Request Quote
TSP 280.50.510-32****Request Quote
TSP 290.50.7510-32****Request Quote
TSP 300.5110-32****Request Quote
TSP 310.50.251/4-20Request Quote
TSP 320.50.3751/4-20Request Quote
TSP 330.50.51/4-20Request Quote
TSP 340.50.751/4-20Request Quote
TSP 350.511/4-20Request Quote
TSP 360.250.6254-40*Request Quote
TSP 370.250.8754-40*Request Quote
TSP 380.250.6256-32**Request Quote
TSP 390.250.8756-32**Request Quote
TSP 400.250.6258-32***Request Quote
TSP 410.250.8758-32***Request Quote
TSP 420.31250.6258-32***Request Quote
TSP 430.31250.8758-32***Request Quote
TSP 440.3750.62510-32****Request Quote
TSP 450.3750.87510-32****Request Quote
TSP 460.50.62510-32****Request Quote
TSP 470.50.87510-32****Request Quote
TSP 480.50.6251/4-20Request Quote
TSP 490.50.8751/4-20Request Quote
TSP 500.250.31254-40*Request Quote
TSP 510.250.56256-32**Request Quote
TSP 520.250.93756-32**Request Quote
TSP 530.251.56-32**Request Quote
TSP 540.250.31256-32**Request Quote
TSP 550.18750.43752-56Request Quote
TSP 560.18750.52-56Request Quote
TSP 570.250.252-56Request Quote
TSP 580.18750.3752-56Request Quote
TSP 990.18750.1564-40Request Quote
TSP 1000.18750.18754-40Request Quote
TSP 1010.18750.254-40Request Quote
TSP 1020.18750.31254-40Request Quote
TSP 1030.18750.3754-40Request Quote
TSP 1040.18750.43754-40Request Quote
TSP 1050.18750.54-40Request Quote
TSP 1060.18750.2664-40*Request Quote
TSP 1070.18750.6254-40Request Quote
TSP 1090.18750.754-40Request Quote
TSP 1110.18750.8754-40Request Quote
TSP 1150.187514-40Request Quote
TSP 1400.18750.18756-32Request Quote
TSP 1410.18750.256-32Request Quote
TSP 1420.18750.31256-32Request Quote
TSP 1430.18750.3756-32Request Quote
TSP 1440.18750.43756-32Request Quote
TSP 1450.18750.56-32Request Quote
TSP 1470.18750.6256-32Request Quote
TSP 1490.18750.756-32Request Quote
TSP 1510.18750.8756-32Request Quote
TSP 1550.187516-32Request Quote
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