Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumper Feet

Our rubber bumpers are made in various shapes and sizes giving us the ability to provide options for our customers. Our standard colors are clear and black, but we also offer our rubber bumpers in white, brown and gray. Most bumpers are stocked in every color and inventoried based on popularity. All of our bumpers are anti-skid and will not mar, scratch, or stain any surface. There is no additional charge for clear or pigmented bumpers.


Cone shaped rubber spacers which have a rounded point at the top of the part. These are our tallest rubber bumpers available for applications that require extra height and space.


Rounded dome shaped bumper feet that absorb impact and are ideal for preventing your application from skidding. This group of rubber feet includes several of our smallest parts.


Square bumper pads can be used to protect the application and the surface it is on from any damage. These self-adhesive bumpers are perfect for corner applications.


Recessed rubber door stoppers have a concave top in the center which creates extra reinforcement for high impact applications. These large door stops can be placed on a wall to protect it from a door handle.

Special Soft

Soft Durometer (SD) sound dampening cabinet bumpers have been specifically engineered to provide the quietest close available for any cabinet door, drawer, or enclosure. These  soft close cabinet door dampers reduce noise and protect cabinets from being damaged.


Circular flat topped non-skid rubber bumpers allow table-top items to stay firmly in place and prevent sliding across a particular surface. The design utilizes the flat contact area for many applications and can also be used in a recessed cavity.

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