Metal Core

Metal Core

The Shear Strength of heat-treated steel.
The Dielectric insulation, corrosion resistance, and vibration resistance of nylon.

A perfect combination to replace:

  • Costly Brass and Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Costly Multiple Component Insulated Screw Assemblies
  • Costly Sleeved and Cladded Screws
  • Marginal Standard Nylon Fastener Applications

Metal Core Screws are recommended in applications requiring electrical, thermal, and vibration insulation in shear or double shear connections.

These reinforced screws will provide up to 4 times the strength of standard nylon fasteners.

Nylon 6/6 NaturalHigh Strength, High Carbon, C.H.Q. Steel
High Dielectric ResistancePrecision Cold Formed and Knurled
Corrosion ResistantElectro Zinc or Cadmium Plated
Vibration and Abrasion Resistant

The reinforcing core incorporates a recessed metal head that permits tightening with high speed, high torque automatic drives.

Due to the corrosion resistant nature of the nylon, the metal core screws can, in certain applications, replace expensive stainless steel, brass, and Monel fasteners at a substantial cost savings.

The insulating quality of the nylon shell makes the metal core screws an ideal choice for areas where cathodic or thermal transfer is a problem.
Metal Core Dimensions

Torque Specifications

6321 In. Lbs.1.5 In. Lbs. 2432200240
8323 In. Lbs.4 In. Lbs. 6672300360
10325 In. Lbs.6 In. Lbs. 96104600640
1/4-207 In. Lbs.8 In. Lbs. 12017414001600
May also be available in Nylon, PVC, Polypropylene, Phenolic, PTFE, G10, Kel-F®, Delrin/Acetal, Neoprene, Mylar, Glass-Filled Nylon, Peek, CPVC, ABS, PVDF / Kynar, Isoplast, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, or Ultem®

Metal Core Variations

DescriptionHead DiameterHead HeightHead StyleLengthThreadWasher DiameterWasher ThicknessQuote
632 X 0.250.2650.08582 Deg. Flat0.25632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.3750.2650.08582 Deg. Flat0.375632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.50.2650.08582 Deg. Flat0.5632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.250.2250.135Fillister0.25632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.3750.2250.135Fillister0.375632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.50.2250.135Fillister0.5632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.250.2550.095Round0.25632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.3750.2550.095Round0.375632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X 0.50.2550.095Round0.5632N/AN/ARequest Quote
632 X Washer0.256320.30.025Request Quote
632 X 0.3750.230.1Round Washer0.3756320.30.025Request Quote
632 X Washer0.56320.30.025Request Quote
832 X 0.3750.3050.182 Deg. Flat0.375832N/AN/ARequest Quote
832 X 0.50.3050.182 Deg. Flat0.5832N/AN/ARequest Quote
832 X 0.3750.260.14Fillister0.375832N/AN/ARequest Quote
832 X Quote
832 X 0.3750.30.12Round0.375832N/AN/ARequest Quote
832 X Quote
832 X 0.3750.2650.11Round Washer0.3758320.370.032Request Quote
832 X 0.50.2650.11Round Washer0.58320.370.032Request Quote
1032 X 0.3750.3650.1282 Deg. Flat0.3751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.50.3650.1282 Deg. Flat0.51032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.750.3650.1282 Deg. Flat0.751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.3750.30.16Fillister0.3751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X Quote
1032 X 0.750.30.16Fillister0.751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.3750.340.13Round0.3751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.50.340.13Round0.51032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.750.340.13Round0.751032N/AN/ARequest Quote
1032 X 0.3750.3150.13Round Washer0.37510320.4250.036Request Quote
1032 X 0.50.3150.13Round Washer0.510320.4250.036Request Quote
1032 X 0.750.3150.13Round Washer0.7510320.4250.036Request Quote
1/4-20 X 0.3750.510.15582 Deg. Flat0.3751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.50.510.15582 Deg. Flat0.51/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.6250.510.15582 Deg. Flat0.6251/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.750.510.15582 Deg. Flat0.751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 10.510.15582 Deg. Flat11/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.3750.40.22Fillister0.3751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X Quote
1/4-20 X 0.6250.40.22Fillister0.6251/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.750.40.22Fillister0.751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 10.40.22Fillister11/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.3750.450.165Round0.3751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.50.450.165Round0.51/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.6250.450.165Round0.6251/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.750.450.165Round0.751/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 10.450.165Round11/4-20N/AN/ARequest Quote
1/4-20 X 0.3750.460.175Round Washer0.3751/4-200.550.056Request Quote
1/4-20 X 0.50.460.175Round Washer0.51/4-200.550.056Request Quote
1/4-20 X 0.6250.460.175Round Washer0.6251/4-200.550.056Request Quote
1/4-20 X 0.750.460.175Round Washer0.751/4-200.550.056Request Quote
1/4-20 X 10.30.37Round Washer11/4-200.550.425Request Quote
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