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peek-screw.pngPEEK screws are used widely, even in the most extreme applications. PEEK, an acronym for PolyEtherEtherKetone, offers a unique combination of properties including excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, excellent electrical properties, and much more. It’s even lightweight, so it can be used in applications like medical implants.

There are several types of PEEK screws, including unreinforced (or “unfilled”) and reinforced. The most common types are:

PEEK 100% / Unreinforced

A standard PEEK screw includes no fillers, so it an unreinforced and 100% polymer. Includes semi-crystalline granules for injection molding and extrusion, and is FDA food contact compliant. The color is “natural”, which looks beige.

Typical Application Areas:

Applications for higher strength and stiffness, as well as high ductility. Chemically resistant to aggressive environments, suitable for sterilization for medical and food contact applications.

PEEK 30% Glass Fiber Reinforced

It’s like the unreinforced PEEK screw, with all its chemical resistance, except its 30% glass fiber reinforcement nearly doubles the tensile strength of the standard unfilled PEEK screw.

Typical Application Areas:

Applications that require a higher strength in a static system, those that need low coefficient of thermal expansion. It’s also a choice for applications that need chemical resistance to aggressive environments, such as sterilization for medical/healthcare, and food contact applications.

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